Yippee!  I was cold today! Yahoo! 

Jeans, a long sleeve t-shirt, socks and sneakers – and I was still chilly!

It was GREAT – it was like a perfect Boston October day.  They say it was 70-75, but it seemed cooler to me, I guess my internal themostat is a little screwy after all this 95 -105 degree weather.

A day without sunscreen or sweat – pure bliss.


We were in the cereal aisle of the grocery store yesterday and I asked the girls to pick ot something healthy.  H looked at one box –  “Mom – this cereal has rice, corn and SAND!!!!”  She pointed to the box and there it was – Arroz, Maiz y Arena. 

It took us a minute before we realized that it was written in a strange font, and the last ingredient was Avena (Oats).  

Aside from this silly moment, there was also happiness that my kids are finally making regular daily connections with spanish, making some regular translations with ease (as long as the fonts aren’t funky)!

I learned today that The Flintstones are called “Los Picapiedras” in spanish (“The Rock Breakers/Chislers”).  Here, our prehistoric friend Fred is called Pedro.  Pedro Picapiedras. Peter Rockbreaker.

Wilma = Vilma

Barney & Betty Rubble = Pablo y Betty Marmol = Paul & Betty Marble

Pebbles, Bam-Bam & Dino remain the same.

Book Image

Tonight I reaized at bedtime that H still had one assigned story to read that is due in the morning.  It’s probably only a 10 page story, but Hubby is out and my spanish still relies a lot on a dictionary when I have to translate text.  Normally I spend time reading her homework first and looking up troublesome words so that it is not an insanely long time for homework for an 8 year old, especially one with a short attention span.  Tonight, no such luck. 

I contemplated sending her to bed, translating it and reading it to her fast in English in the morning – but while it means my kid understands the story, it really defeats the goal of improving her Spanish.  Major breakthough moment for Mommy – I picked it up and understood the book!  Sapo Tiene Miedo – Frog Has Fear (Frog is Frightened). All I had to do was look up the title – we had not yet learned that miedo means fear (moving our family to Mexico and never needing the word fear – another thing to be proud of!).  Once I learned fear, I was good to go to convey the story of the frog, duck, pig and rabbit overcoming some of their fears by sticking together.  Corny segue – I guess I was able to overcome some of mine too. 

Next stop – Guerra y Paz (War & Peace).

This house is one of my favorite places to drive past – these always make me smile. I wish I could say they carry the relief pitchers to the mound in the Leones beisbol games, but alas it is not so.