Check out this article on Yucatan Today which describes a lot of the foods we are eating…

Esquites y Elotes! I wrote about them here

Horchata & Jamaica– J loves them both, the girls get it at school too

Mondongo – Hubby only of course!

Poc-Chuc – bbq’d pork

Pollo Pibil – chicken, veggies and yummy spices cooked in a banana leaf

Cochinitas – yummy pulled pork sandwhiches on perfectly toasted bread – for breakfast!

Palomitas con Chamoy – Popcorn with a sweet & sour sauce.

Chicarron – fried pig skin

Papazules – Chopped hard boiled egg, rolled in a tortilla and topped with a pumpin sauce – sounds gross – tastes delicious.

Chilaquiles – H described them as soggy chips before she learned the name, now loves it.

Panuchos & Salbutes – panuchos have refried beans inside, salbutes don’t – both yummy.

Sopa de Lima – The signature soup of the Yucatan

Flan – yummy and a common dessert for us

Gorditas – not the Taco Bell kind!

Lots of rice & beans


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