Reality check

While credit is quickly becoming a thing of the past in the USA, here in Mexico we can finance our holiday booze!


Any purchase of wine or liquor (beer excluded) over $60 USD can be financed without interest for 6, 12 or 18 months at Superama.


I went to school the other day and asked them to change my kids’ names! 

Here in Mexico, everyone’s surname is usually Father’s Name then Mother’s Name (no hyphen), and when she is married, a woman usually just keeps her Maiden Name and doesn’t add her husband name to the mix. Their children then are given a new last name using the surnames of both grandfathers.

For example, Juan & Maria.  Juan’s name is Juan Munoz Ramirez.  Maria’s name is Maria Melendez Posada.  Their children have the last name Munoz Melendez.  To make things both easier and harder, for the most part, in informal situations, most folks use just the first surname.

When we got married 11 years ago, I went old-school and decided to take Hubby’s last name, no hypens or combos or anything.  When we arrived here in Mexico and registered the girls for school, we registered them using just Hubby’s last name, since that is what the girls are used to using.

Problem: The school’s computers aren’t set up for our tradition (go figure!), so everything related to school has the girls’ last name written as “Doe Doe”.  It looks ridiculous.  Worse, sometimes teachers have had the girls’ write their name that way on papers and projects, especially our 5 year old who can’t properly articulate her reason for protest.

So the other day I went and asked them to change the second Doe to my maiden name.  The girls are both amused and confused – they have no clue how to spell it – nobody does!  Strange also is the fact that it seems backwards. Had I chosen to hyphenate my name as so many of my girlfriends have, it would have been the reverse of what the girls now have.  They can go back to being plain old Doe’s in 2010!

Next time you think your commute stinks, think of these guys I was driving behind…


Yippee!  I was cold today! Yahoo! 

Jeans, a long sleeve t-shirt, socks and sneakers – and I was still chilly!

It was GREAT – it was like a perfect Boston October day.  They say it was 70-75, but it seemed cooler to me, I guess my internal themostat is a little screwy after all this 95 -105 degree weather.

A day without sunscreen or sweat – pure bliss.

My actual conversation with my 5 year old yesterday as she was recalling us nearly hitting an iguana with our car:

J: “Mom, why did the iguana cross the road?”

Me: “To get to the other side.”

It’s time for me to blow the lid off a big scandal here in Mexico, and it involves the coke trade. There you are sitting in the US thinking, the stock market can tank, unemployment can reach epic proportions, my house may be worth half as much – but at least I’m comfortable in the price of my coke.  Not here.

Diet Coke costs more than Coke in Mexico.  A can of Diet Coke, called Coca Light here, is $6.00 pesos (60 cents).  A can of regular Coke is $4.40 (44 cents).  No matter the size, Diet Coke is always more.

Imagine the scandal in the US! It would be like charging more for a size 12 than a size 2!  It would be like charging for airline seats by weight of passenger! It would be like charging more for the salad than the steak!

Actually, since it is similar to punishing those who are opting for less calories, I could almost see the reverse being proposed in the US.  You want more sugar? We’ll charge you for it! Coming soon to a referendum ballot near you. 

2 visits to otorrinolaringologista (ear nose & throat specialist)…. $1000 pesos

1 visit to ear testing center…. $1300 pesos

2 prescriptions for inner-ear infection…$600 pesos

Taking an image off the web yesterday of an optical illusion to illustrate on my blog the dizziness I feel…$0 pesos.

Finding out that the image was developed by a team that includes your husband’s best friend….priceless.

Thanks Dr. Pack!

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