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It has been a crazy busy visitor season, so I have lots to catch up on here on the blog.  For now, I’ll just catch you up on last night.  The girls have been taking gymnastics twice a week for the past couple of months.  Last night was their “recital”, which was adorable and a source of much pride, especailly watching H overcome some serious performance anxiety.  Unfortunately, my camera quit before it started.  I was able to snap a pic when we got home though…


The observance of Dia de Los Muertos took place at the girls’ school yesterday.  It was stunning.  Each year the school builds an altar to honor the dead.  To make it more of an artistic opportunity, everything is made by the students.  To make it more of a green opportunity, everything is made from recycled materials.  To make it more of a learning opportunity, they choose a different region of Mexico each year and build th altar in the tradition of that community.

This year they chose that state of Michoacan.  Each year, mariposas monarchas (monarch butterflies) fly down from the US and Canada to Michoacan, so part of their Day of The Dead beliefs include that the butterflies represent the souls of the dead .  This year the school altar included many butterfly motifs – as well as the traditional skulls, marigolds, etc. 

All the children wore their traditional Yucatecan outfits for the unveiling of the altar.  The girls wore their huipuil dresses and the boys were incredibly dapper in their guayaberas and hats.

Children were encouraged to bring photos of those that have passed away in their families. The only family member whom the girls know who we have lost (far too soon!) is Aunt Carolee (Hubby’s aunt – his Mom’s sister).  Our cousins sent us a wonderful picture of Carolee hamming it up in a Santa hat – it fit in perfectly with the cheerful altar and got attention and questions for the girls as their classmates perused the altar.

Here are some photos which will show you how special their school is especially in the arts, click to enlarge…


We had an election party last night – served burgers, dogs, chips, and apple pie.  We were joined by American friends (Mike), American friends who live in Mexico (Kristin, Larry, Indra, Jerry), and Mexican friends (Luis, Maria, Mayte, Cristina) and 4 of the kids friends.  Here are some images from a real fun night with lots to celebrate…  (click to enlarge)


The celebration turned all of a sudden as we were awaiting Obama’s acceptance speech.  Our Mexican friends’ cell phones started ringing – a small plane crashed smack in the middle of Mexico city carrying the #2 official in the Mexican Government. He was also the lead in the war on drugs so it has not yet been ruled an accident – many are concerned it wasn’t. We turned on our other TV so they could watch the coverage of that – it was surreal watching two major government events unfold.  One of our friends who was here, Maria, learned that a friend from her youth was one of the people on the plane. Here are the details on the crash that pushed Obama to “below the fold” of probably one of the only newspapers in the world this morning…

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