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Tonight I reaized at bedtime that H still had one assigned story to read that is due in the morning.  It’s probably only a 10 page story, but Hubby is out and my spanish still relies a lot on a dictionary when I have to translate text.  Normally I spend time reading her homework first and looking up troublesome words so that it is not an insanely long time for homework for an 8 year old, especially one with a short attention span.  Tonight, no such luck. 

I contemplated sending her to bed, translating it and reading it to her fast in English in the morning – but while it means my kid understands the story, it really defeats the goal of improving her Spanish.  Major breakthough moment for Mommy – I picked it up and understood the book!  Sapo Tiene Miedo – Frog Has Fear (Frog is Frightened). All I had to do was look up the title – we had not yet learned that miedo means fear (moving our family to Mexico and never needing the word fear – another thing to be proud of!).  Once I learned fear, I was good to go to convey the story of the frog, duck, pig and rabbit overcoming some of their fears by sticking together.  Corny segue – I guess I was able to overcome some of mine too. 

Next stop – Guerra y Paz (War & Peace).