We had an election party last night – served burgers, dogs, chips, and apple pie.  We were joined by American friends (Mike), American friends who live in Mexico (Kristin, Larry, Indra, Jerry), and Mexican friends (Luis, Maria, Mayte, Cristina) and 4 of the kids friends.  Here are some images from a real fun night with lots to celebrate…  (click to enlarge)


The celebration turned all of a sudden as we were awaiting Obama’s acceptance speech.  Our Mexican friends’ cell phones started ringing – a small plane crashed smack in the middle of Mexico city carrying the #2 official in the Mexican Government. He was also the lead in the war on drugs so it has not yet been ruled an accident – many are concerned it wasn’t. We turned on our other TV so they could watch the coverage of that – it was surreal watching two major government events unfold.  One of our friends who was here, Maria, learned that a friend from her youth was one of the people on the plane. Here are the details on the crash that pushed Obama to “below the fold” of probably one of the only newspapers in the world this morning… http://www.nytimes.com/2008/11/06/world/americas/06mexico.html