J went to a Halloween party yesterday afternoon.  One of the parents from her grade invited all the children in both Kinder 3 classes (equivalent to Kindergarten).  They had all sorts of great activities planned and a jack-o-lantern pinata. This is the song that is being sung – it is sung at any party that has a pinata.

Dale, dale, dale.       Hit it, hit it, hit it. 
No pierdas el tino.  Don’t lose your aim. 
Porque si lo pierdes. Because if you lose it. 
Pierdes el camino.   You lose the way.  
Ya le diste una.  You hit it once.   
Ya le diste dos.  You hit it twice.  
Ya le diste tres.  You hit it three times. 
Y tu tiempo se acabó.  And your turn is done.