The girls are the guest room with their tutor right now.  This is Becky’s third week here.  We hired a tutor to come for 90 minutes a week to help reinforce the Spanish the girls are learning at school.  The girls are reluctant to use it (especially our 8 year old), so we told Becky our goal with the tutoring is to get them more confident in their speaking abilities.  We think some extra help in the comfort of their own home, without the fear of being “wrong” in front of peers, will help their confidence.

We have been here for 9 months now, but didn’t get a tutor right away because the school felt we should let it happen organically.  Agreed, but we all feel now that the girls could be more progressed at this point.  The really tipping point came when H, our 8 year old, had a melt-down.  It turned out that the teachers, with our support, were forbidding her classmates from speaking English to her outside of English class. Result – very sad child feeling completely isolated from her friends.

Becky is a 3rd grade teacher from a nearby private Catholic girls school, she is the teacher of one of H’s good friends.  I can hear Becky in the other room now, reinforcing the idea of feminine and masculine endings that make Spanish that much harder for an English speaker. The girls love her and look forward to her visits, so hopefully progress will come!