My friend – artist, author, teacher, designer, consultant, blogger – Jenn Mason encourages folks to be their most creative selves.  I have not been that creative lately, so I decided to try to find a creative solution to a furniture situation here.

Furniture is really really expensive here – even for crappy particleboard stuff.  I would give my big toe to have an Ikea here. Since we are scheduled to be here for only another 18 months, I didn’t want to make any kind of grand expenditure.  Plus, I couldn’t find what I wanted – decent escritorios (desks) for the girls. 

I had an Aha moment in Home Depot the other day. My solution was only semi-creative, since folks have been doing it for years. I picked up two saw-horses and a door to make a big desk for the girls (and also solved some toy storage issues) for less than $70 USD.


The creative part is actually to pass along Jenn’s mantra to my kids and encourage them to be creative.  I presented the desk to them along with their bin of crayons.  They are encouraged to put their artistic spins on it however they want.  They divided it in half.  My only rule is that they can’t write anything mean.

U+2191.gif J is filling it like crazy. U+2191.gif


U+2191.gif H is going slow and steady to leave space. U+2191.gif

My mother-in-law will surely remind me that she became the pariah of the neighborhood when hubby was young.  She designated a wall in his room that he could write on, which was great until his friends went home and started writing on their own walls!