It’s time for me to blow the lid off a big scandal here in Mexico, and it involves the coke trade. There you are sitting in the US thinking, the stock market can tank, unemployment can reach epic proportions, my house may be worth half as much – but at least I’m comfortable in the price of my coke.  Not here.

Diet Coke costs more than Coke in Mexico.  A can of Diet Coke, called Coca Light here, is $6.00 pesos (60 cents).  A can of regular Coke is $4.40 (44 cents).  No matter the size, Diet Coke is always more.

Imagine the scandal in the US! It would be like charging more for a size 12 than a size 2!  It would be like charging for airline seats by weight of passenger! It would be like charging more for the salad than the steak!

Actually, since it is similar to punishing those who are opting for less calories, I could almost see the reverse being proposed in the US.  You want more sugar? We’ll charge you for it! Coming soon to a referendum ballot near you.