For a very early reader (I think I was under 5), I’ve always been a pretty pathetic pleasure-reader.  There was always so much reading for school, that it’s been rare for me to pick up a book purely for pleasure.  The exception: I always read when I travel. 

My biggest stretches of book devouring have been while traveling – summer reading on the Cape, 2 months in Shanghai, the innumerable trains we took on our 4 month dream honeymoon through Europe.  Since the kids arrived, my time between books has been pretty darn pathetic – I’ll get into a great one and love it, but then life intervenes and Law & Order just seems easier when you have a break. 

No more, I’ve finally rediscovered the bug. Between 10 peso ($1) used books at the Merida English Library, and the suitcase-full I brought back after visiting my mom in Florida, I’m reading constantly.  Sure, it might be a form of escapism back into Englih for me, and would probably be better if I were attempting to read these in Spanish.  But I consider it a triumph that I’m choosing my books over Law & Order marathons.

I’ll been updating my books here – in the Mi Biblioteca (My Library) section of my blog –