The kids here have a version of Eenie Meenie called Zapatito Blanco.  It is very very cute.  They sit on the ground, everyone with their feet facing in, and the leader taps each foot while singing:

“Zapatito blanco, zapatito azul, dime cuantos años tienes tu”

Loose translation “White shoe, blue shoe, tell me how old are you?”

The person whose shoe is landed on says their age, then the leader counts to that number, while tapping feet.  If your shoe is landed on, then your foot is out (so you actually have to lose both feet to be “out”).

J asked me last night to play Zapatito Blanco with her.  When I said “dime cuantos años tienes tu”, she said five and she counted “uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco”.  When she said “dime cuantos años tienes tu”, I replied thirty-eight and she said “uno, does, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis, siete…Mom, can’t you just pretend you’re seven?!”