There are lots of things I miss about Brookline – Indian food is high on the list. But what I miss most though are the school drop-offs and pick-ups. 

Here in Merida, we drive about 5 miles to school and then drop the kids off from our cars into the arms of a waiting staff member who is greeting them at the door (a rainy day dream in Brookline, I know).  My errands are all done via car because of the heat.  Playgrounds are too hot during the day.  There isn’t the much of the opportunity for spontaneous gatherings like in Brookline.

In Brookline, we walk to school less than a quarter mile. Along the way, we run into friends doing the exact same thing.  After we accomplish dropping off the kids, parents get to chat, complain, crow, gossip and giggle. We arrange playdates, coffee, bbqs, bday parties, camp dates and pto volunteers on the fly.  The same thing happens in the afternoon when we gather to pick them up.  There’s always the possibility of an instant playdate after school – just walk to Pierce Park or Emerson Park and there’s bound to be a bunch of friends their too. The girls get a playdate and mommy does too.

I’ve made a couple great friends here that you would all like, but I  certainly miss running to school or the post office or KooKoos and being guaranteed to see my fellow Brookline mommies Kristin or Stacey or Deb or Kathy or Eileen or Jenn or Jen or Blanka or Martha or Liz or Ellen or Michele or Laura or Janet or Elie or Jackie or Suzanne or Beth or Silvia or Cass or Karen or Meredith or Ina!

In the words of Joni Mitchell “You Don’t Know What You’ve Got Till It’s Gone”.  Lucky for me, it’s not gone, just on hiatus!