This morning I woke up with the feeling that the bed was spinning.  I got up and couldn’t walk a straight line.  It was as if someone had spun me 20 times and pointed me towards a pinata.  We called the Otorrinolaringolista (Ear Nose & Throat doctor) that H had seen earlier in the month and happily got an appointment for this morning.  He did all sorts of crazy tests to try to replicate the dizziness/vertigo in the office.  My eyes were not reacting strangely when opened, but I couldn’t walk straight at all with my eyes closed. My hearing is also a bit off.  We are assuming that perhaps my flights to Florida this week (2 fights each way, so 8 takeoffs and landings) may have aggravated something in my inner ear.

He gave me some meds and suggested rest, no driving, small meals (for nauseau) and limited movement for the next three days. He sent me to the lab for blood tests and urinalysis (luckily they had an early am appointment so I went straight from bed because the blood tests required an 8 hour fast).  On Tuesday I have to go see some other doctor for some hearing tests.

Very strange, I feel fine otherwise.  I can type, READ (click for my reading list), etc – but movement is not fun!