What do they do at school?  H is in Tercero (3rd grade).  J is in Kinder Tres (Equivalent of Kindergarten in USA)

English – H = Both have it for about 2 hours a day/10 hours a week.  The rest of their day is primarily in Spanish.

Computers – J doesn’t have computer class.  H has it 1/wk for 2 hours. Often the class in in Spanish, but they are working on software related to learning English (Note: Mom not thrilled that some of the software seems to be Disney & Spongebob based).  Apparently depending on what year they are (school is through 6th grade), they work with and teach the kids Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc..

Gym – 2/wk for 1 hour for both girls

Movement – H has Wushu 2/wk for 1 hour, J has Dance 1/wk for 1 hour and another hour of structured outside time as well. (The kids also have recess every day.)

Espanol – 1/wk.  H for 3 hours, J for 1.5 hours

Natural Sciences – 1/wk. H for 3 hours,  J for 1 hour

Social Studies – 1/wk. H for 2 hours, J for 1 hour

Math – H has it 1/wk for 3 hours, J has it 2/wk 4 hours total

Art Elective (H has it once a week for 90 min – every four weeks they choose a new one between Theatre, Sculpture, Painting, Robotics, socially mixed with an even amount of kids from all the upper grade classes.  For the next four weeks, she choose painting due to space issues, but really can’t wait for sculpture.)

I wish you could all see the school, it is a very cool modern bright funky place!