This morning H told us that her teacher asked her why she is always late.  We bring both girls every morning by 8am, same time as last year.  Lots of other families are dropping off their kids the same time as us.  So of course we questioned H as to whether or not she’s going straight to class, stopping to talk, pitstop en el bano, etc.  Nope, Nope, Nope she claimed.

So Hubby took the girls to school and got them there before 8am so H would have time to walk upstairs.  When I picked her up, she handed me a note that said “Our class starts at 7:30am.”  Que????????????????????

I waited until the dismissal rush was over and called school.  No one had ever informed us that start times are staggered and change depending on what grade you are in!  H starts at 7:30am and J starts at 7:50am.  For two full weeks, we have been bringing our kids to school late.  40 minutes a day missed in educating their minds times 10 days = 400 minutes of brainpower gone!

Worse – I shudder to think how much extra brainpower we’ll all be losing getting up a half hour earlier every day.  No one in my family does well without sleep – least of all me.  4 family members times 30 minutes less sleep time 5 days a week is 600 minutes or 10 HOURS less sleep per week for my family.

Look out Mexico – this ain’t gonna be pretty.