Sometimes when you arrive at a restaurant here, even if there are plenty of tables, they will ask your name – first AND last.  Hubby has gotten go frustrated with trying to pronounce and spell his name for people who understandably have trouble with it. It finally dawned us the other day, that there is really no reason they need OUR name, they just need A name – so why not make it easy for everybody?  Hubby talked about using Jose Martinez as his alias, but we realized the danger of that is that we might not pay attention when the name Jose Martinez is called.  We came up with a solution that would make it easy for the hostesses and be attention getting for my Yankee-loving husband.

So, if you hear that Jorge Posada, Alex Rodriguez, Jose Molina or Mariano Rivera were dining in Merida with their family – don’t believe the hype – it’s probably us.