After-school birthday parties are common here. Usually you get an invitation for a party 3 or 4 days later. 

H & J want to tell you about the GREAT party they went to yesterday for their friends -sisters Jania & Lena. It had:

One of those slide moon-bounces where you climb up a rope then slide down a slide that was conveniently positioned so that you slide into the POOL!

A magic/ventriloquist show!

A group of 4 dancers dressed up as the characters from Madagascar!

A trampoline!

A basketball hoop!

2 cakes! Chocolate and Tres Leches!

2 pinatas! 


Homemade Delicious Tamales!

The girls were most impressed by the banana tree growing in the yard.  Thanks so much to Jania & Lena and their family for including us in such a fun party (that sounds like it could have been pandemonium, but wasn’t at all – it was just good fun).