I need to spend some time uploading our pictures from our amazing vacation last week.  I’ll post them soon.

Remember when I posted the awesome Jenn Mason painting that my mother-in-law Susan Berke gave me?  I also want to share these photos of some other art she unveiled while we were in Boston.  When H was 16 months old, I dressed her as Pippi Longstocking for Halloween.  I took a photo of her sitting on the couch, tuckered out, in her costume. Susan gave that photo to Joel Edwards and commissioned an amazing painting.  Well, along came J and of course in all fairness, a painting of J must be commissioned too.  Susan provided Joel with some photos of J including one in her favorite dress.  She unveiled Joel’s latest piece for us while we were home in July.

Take a look at both – they are pretty amazing.  You can get in touch with Joel Edwards via www.SusanBerkeFineArt.com.