We went to La Parilla (“The Grill”) yesterday for their awesome buffet.  I often crave their empanadas de papas which have got to be one of the least healthy foods on the planet – but boy is it good – creamy mashed potatoes in a lightly fried shell made fresh before your eyes.

J wasn’t happy with anything they had on the buffet.  Part of me wanted to say if you don’t like it, don’t eat. But the part that just took her to the pediatrician in Boston and found out that she’s in the 15th percentile for weight, said we’d better fatten her up.

We asked the waiter if they had any pasta and he gave us a quizzical look, disappeared for a minute and then came back and told us we could buy some in a vending machine by the bathroom for 10 pesos.

Whoops, we forgot to say “Espagueti”.  Pasta also means paste and he was directing us towards the toothpaste they happened to have in the bathroom vending machines.