I’ll try not to make this sound pretentious – but it’s hard since it involves fountains and original art…  🙂

Our rental here in Merida happens to have a small fountain in the livingroom.  Today I went to display my latest acquisition of original art in said living room.  While I was visiting Brookline, my mother-in-law bestowed on me a beautiful piece by Jenn Mason that I had been coveting (thanks Susan!). I stepped back to admire it and yup, next thing I knew I was on my butt, soaking wet, in the fountain.

An embarrassing moment, but happily with no witnesses.  Of course, what difference does that make since I am sharing it with all of you on my blog?

That’s the power of Jenn Mason’s art folks – it’ll knock you off your feet!  (Check out her web site – www.JennMason.com – she’s incredibly talented and I am happy to say that she and I are collaborating.  Jenn has taken on illustrating the childrens’ story that I wrote in ’01 – hopefully we’ll get it in print!)

Jenn Mason - Little Tiny Bird - click to enlarge for all the cool found-item detail!