Back in the Yucatan!  Five weeks in Boston filled with fun, friends, family, bbqs, parks, camp, biking, scootering, canoeing, sun, rain, the occasional sweater at night, and lots of moving boxes. 

Apparently, things weren’t so exciting here though.  Our cleaning lady seems to have gotten pretty bored having only Hubby to tidy up after, and a cat and five turtles to feed.

Example 1: She organized our Spanish language refrigerator magnets.

Example 2: She cleaned our spare change.

Example 1 is kinda funny and a good illustration of how organized and orderly Maria is all the time. Example 2 is actually a really good reminder to me not to be so casual with change the we just have in little piles throughout the house – this change is enough to make a difference in the day to day lives of many people here and just leaving it in an old coffee mug for Maria to clean around is kind of insulting to her.