Yesterday I woke up with an itchy ear and a blotchy face.  It got worse through out the day, though Benadryl helped the pain by keeping me knocked out.  This morning it was much worse, spreading down my neck and burning – my ear is actually hot to the touch.  So I headed off to the emergency room today.  I’ve got to tell you, I’m still in pain – but pretty damn proud of myself. 

Five months ago I arrived here speaking no Spanish, and I still haven’t gotten around to taking that class (I will in Sept!).  However, I was able to meet with 2 doctors, 3 nurses, a receptionist and a cashier and explain, understand and answer everything in Spanish without my dictionary! Name, age, address, insurance, pain yesterday, pain today, medical history, family history, allergies, clean sheets, no new foods, no new cosmetics, no new detergents, no recent trips, no new pets.  I was even able to tell my doctor things to do and places to go on his upcoming trip to Barcelona.  It would have helped to know the word for itchy, which I didn’t, but that one is easy enough to pantomime.

I left with a cortisone shot in mi trasera and a prescription for a weeks worth of heavy duty antihistimanes, so I may be pretty sleepy this week.  Hopefully I’ll be myself by the time we arrive back in Boston next week.

(PS – Hubby didn’t come with me, because I didn’t tell him I was going. I thought it was important that I try to do this stuff myself in case we have an emergency when he is traveling).