People often ask us this question, and I’m embarrassed that I don’t know.  I know how much you in the US are paying for gas, because it is in the news everyday.  There are 3 contributing factors to why I didn’t know:

1. The only gas station here is PEMEX.  It is government owned.  Everyone pays the same price everywhere, so it’s not advertised on giant in-your-face comparision shop signs. The price is only on the pump.

2. The price is in litres, and I’ve been too lazy to convert the litres into gallons and the pesos into dollars.

3. By the time I leave the gas station, I forget what the price is to answer anyone’s inquiry.

So yesterday, I got a pen and wrote it all down at the pump so I could tell you. We have two types of gas here – Magna and Premium. Yesterday Magna was 7.17 pesos/litre and Premium was 8.99 pesos/litre.

Yesterday , I asked for $200 pesos worth of Magna gasoline. I got 27.9 litres. At yesterday’s rates that means I spent $19.34 USD on 7.37 US gallons, which I’m pretty sure means I’m paying $2.62 USD/gallon.

No surprise to learn that people in San Diego are driving over the border to fill up!


Note: Careful what converter you are using, as there is a difference between US & UK gallons:

3.785411 liters per gallon (US). 1 liter = 0.264172052 US gallons
4.54609 liters per gallon (UK). 1 liter = 0.219969157 UK gallons