We took the girls to the dentist yesterday.  A friend recommended a lovely female dentist who knows enough English to make us comfortable – and more importantly, to make the girls comfortable. The office was bright and cheery and clean.  J’s little teeth are still perfect little pearls – no cavities, no issues whatsoever. 

Her sister, on the other hand, continues to have the bad “soft irish” teeth she inherited from her mother.  In Boston, she had four cavities in one visit.  The pre-insurance estimate was around $3,000 and about half of that had to come from our pockets.  So yesterday, the dental nightmare continued into a new country – 5 new cavities!!!

We sat down with the dentist, went over the procedures, the techniques (current with newest pediatric techniques in the USA), the schedule, the anesthesia, etc.  Then came the bill.  They gave us the option working out a payment plan.  Happily we weren’t in a position to need it, as many here would be.  The entire bill for Hannah’s dental work will be $290 american dollars.