I had to wait until I was 13 to have my ears pierced.  I told H she would have to wait until she was 10.  She’s been really good about respecting the rule, and never pestering me about it.  Once in a while she’ll mention that she can’t wait until she’s 10 or point about that she’s the only girl in her class without pierced ears (they all did it at birth).

H turns 8 on Friday.  Last night we were at the mall and Hubby and I decided that we would surprise her and let her get her ears pierced.  She’s the only kid wthout them, and turning 10 anyway as soon as we are scheduled to leave Mexico.

I ran down to a joyeria (jewelry store) to get her some simple tiny understated pure gold earrings, just like the ones I first had.  I didn’t know the word for earring and the salesgirl was rather dim (and yes, I’m sure she though the same of me!), so I strung together my Spanish with words like oreja=ear, oro=gold, hija=daughter, and a bunch of sign language. Justin snuck into the shop to make an appoinment. 

Ok, Ok! it wasn’t just a ear piercing place – it was a TATTOO place too – since most women have their ears pierced at birth, there aren’t a lot of “piercing pagodas”. So yes, we planned on bringing our soon-to-be-8 year old into a TATTOO studio, but it was a nice clean bright shiny TATTOO studio at a nice clean bright shiny mall.  If you’d been there, you’d understand, but since you weren’t I’m sure you are horrified, and are calling social services right now to file an international complaint.

I hear your fears, but you can’t prove it anyway.  We told H the news expecting her to start bouncing out of sheer joy.  Instead, she winced and said “No, thanks – I’m gonna wait until I’m ten.”