We’ve had some bad kharma in the automobile and internet departments of late.  Our internet service has been intermittent at best all week, so I’ve spent a lot of time at home waiting for the Axtel team to climb up on my roof and fiddle with our antennae.  Something tells me we are not going to do so well come hurricane season.

Car-wise, we are driving a rental again.  The Jetta is still in junkyard/insurance company hell.  It needs an entirely new engine, so Hubby asked one of his soon-to-be lawyer friends to fight with the Mexican insurance companies (he’ll get a commission on every dollar he gets back for us!).  The Volvo decided to stop accepting the ignition key last week. Seemed like a small deal, but it is a big – expensive part to be shipped in from Switzerland big.  Bummer.  We’ll have a rental for the next couple weeks to get around and another one next week when the cousins from San Diego arrive.

Lots of family the next few weeks! I get to see my mom, sister, brother in-law, niece & nephew.  The girls will finally get to meet their cousin Clayton next week.  Then the SD cousins arrive with their boys similar in age to ours. We are excited to spend so much cousin time.

Not a lot of pictures to share, because we’ve been mostly homebound with the car problems, but here’s one from the Mother’s Day breakfast at the school…