Two questions I get often from you back home:

1) are you making and friends?

2) when are you going to post pictures of yourself?

Today, I can conveniently answer both questions.  Yes, I have made some friends.  It takes a while because at school we do drive-thru drop off and pick-ups.  But through birthday parties, I have met other moms and they are nice.  Mostly I do things with Christina, who is great.  Today we are taking the kids mini-golfing (she has a girl 7 and a boy 5) .  I am trying to branch out more and meet other moms, so I accepted an offer from Betzabel (another form of the name Elizabeth).  She is a very nice mom with three boys who is living in one house while she remodels another.  Her husband has a kitchen remodeling company. She invited me to come to her house for a different kind of remodel.  Betzabel is a Mary Kay cosmetics rep.

Yup.  I know.  If you’ve ever seen me with more than mascara and lipgloss, you were either at my wedding in 1997 or the winter formal I went to with David Frechette in 1987 when my face was still detroyed from chicken pox.

Betzabel is beautiful and her make-up doesn’t look overdone, so I wasn’t too nervous about her layering on too thick. The part I’m most proud of is that we did the entire thing in Spanish and I understood about 85% of her pitch.

Here you go – two pictures of me at my house at 9am and 12pm today.