Today I bring a little bit of Progreso Beach to you. We live about 20 minutes away so it’s easy to drive out there after school or on the weekend.  Last weekend, we spent the afternoon there.  It was a beautiful day, but there were not a lot of people at the beach, and no cruise ships in port.  The result was that we became the highly-targeted Gringos for every beach vendor.  J took her parents cue and started saying  “No, gracias” every time someone came near.  Soon she would start warning us not to say it, because she wanted to say it and would start in her tiny pixie voice when they were about 30 feet away. She would get highly frustrated when they would bypass her and only leave when we said “No gracias” (or as I found was much more effective – “No, gracias, no tengo effectivo” – “No thank you, I don’t have cash”).

Here’s a sampling of the vendors on Progreso Beach: