We had a date night last night.  Our friend (and Hubby’s coworker) Kristin came over to babysit.  We went out to see a movie.  We chose “Antes De Que Diablo Sepa Que Has Muerto” or “Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead“.  Not a very uplifting movie, but a good one.  Has Philip Seymour Hoffman ever made a bad movie?

What was uplifting was our seats.  They lifted our legs right up.  We paid a whopping $80 pesos ($8 USD) to watch in the VIP Theatre.  Leather reclining seats, tables, waiter service (sounds cool, but actually kind of annoying when the interrupt you during the good parts to settle your bill).  Unfortunately there was no full bar as we were led to believe, but apparently that is coming next month.

PS to K who asked: No you can’t smoke in the movie theatre!