There are several adjustments I prepared myself for before we moved here.  New language.  New foods.  New sights, sounds, smells.  Little did I know that I would have to relearn dialing a telephone.  We’ve been here three months and still the only people I can dial with ease are those of you back in the USA.

Depending on where you live or what cell phone carrier you have, you have a different type of phone number.  Depending on what carrier you have and what carrier your friend has, a different prefix has to be dialed before each number – sometimes there are even different amounts of digits.

You know how every once in a while you run into someone in the US who says their number in a weird way and you are totally thrown off when instead of 617-555-1234, they say 6-17-5-551-2-34? I have that every day.

Here’s an example of some different numbers of folks we know written exactly the way they wrote them down:






It usually takes me five or six attempts before I actually get through to someone, and then try to remember what I dialed so I can get it into my phone memory (but it’s different if I am calling from my home phone or cell phone!). 

You know that nasally voice you get at home that says “We’re sorry…”?  Here she says “Lo siento…”.   I’m starting to really dislike her.