Happy Birthday to my mom!  I remember once when I was little, a cashier noticed the date on her license and said “Bummer – Tax Day Birthday”.  She replied, “Yes – and the day Lincoln died and the day the Titanic sank.”  Well, her birthday just got ickier because today she is beginning the chemo process to make sure the cancer the surgeons just removed won’t try to return.

Actually, we’re looking at it as a great way to spend her bday – it is a way to help ensure that she has many many many more bdays to celebrate.  She is strong, positive and as beautiful as ever. I know, I saw her last week for surgery and not many people can say they look that good after surgery that was not of the cosmetic variety!  Mom, we love you and we miss you and we will see you soon!  Happy & Healthy Birthday!!!

PS Mom: April 15th is also the day Jackie Robinson broke baseball’s color barrier,  the day the first McDonald’s opened, and DaVinci’s birthday.