Yesterday we had J’s fourth birthday party.  Oh, she turned 4? No she turned 5.  It was just her 4th birthday party this year.  She had cake at school before school vacation, then she had a family party at home during vacation, then our friend threw a beach party for her over vacation, then yesterday she had a big party yesterday at a place at the mall called Piccolo Mondo.

You know how at home you have to give families 4-6 weeks for a birthday party if you want anyone to show up because there is so much going on with sports, activities, and religious education? Here, you are lucky if you get a weeks’ notice.  Invites come home on a Friday for a party the following Wednesday!  And RSVPs? Fuggedaboutit! We invited 22 and had now idea if any would show.  Well, they all did – and then some. You know how it is practically a scandal at home to show up somewhere univited? Not here – more than a few siblings joined in. Some kids were dropped off with their siblings, some parents stayed, while others dropped and ditched without even leaving a phone number.  Happily everyone survived!

Piccolo Mundo is amazing – it is large and clean – with a ball pit, obstacle course, moonbounce, face painting, Wii, art area, music area, dress-up, hairstyling – even bumper-boats.  Pizza, popcorn, cake, jello, drinks, and HUGE pinata filled with candy are all part of the fee. We were the only group there, so it was pretty fun and the staff was great so we really didn’t have to worry about the kids too much.  It was really great to meet more parents and learn more of the kids names.  Several have siblings H’s age – and they came too. AT one point they announced over the PA system that J was needed upstairs, we went up and the older kids were gathered in the music area, wearing sombreros and playing instruments, singing a rousing version of Happy Birthday in English to J.

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