I told the girls when we first got here that they would earn a new DVD if they learned 50 words in Spanish.  Today, they took me up on it; they were not allowed to include numbers.  Here is the list they gave me today in the order they shouted them out…

(50+ actually but I decided not to tell them de nada and others are two words)

futbol (soccer), baño (bathroom), tortuga (turtle), luna (moon), sol (sun), hola (hello), ¿que pasa? (what’s up?), si (yes), muy bien (very good), gracias (thank you), de nada (you’re welcome), gato (cat), perro (dog), comida (food), mas (more), por favor (please), estrella (star), naranja (orange/the fruit), amarillo (yellow), azul (blue), rojo (red), negro (black), blanco (white), jirafa (giraffe), animales (animals), leon (lion), leona (lioness), zapatos (shoes), alto (stop or high or tall), manzana (apple), rosa (pink), sombrero (hat), queso (cheese), americano (!), escuela (school), nueva (new), aqui (here), medicina (medicine), pantalones (pants), falda (skirt), bebe (baby), calor (heat), jamon (ham), arriba (up), abajo (down), salta (jump) como (how), diga/dice (say).

They were very cute doing Rock/Paper/Scissors in the video store to decide on something.  After a while, I was presented with “La Familia Del Futuro” (“Meet The Robinsons”).  We’ll post a list of the next 50 soon – they’ve already started their list that includes mariposa (butterfly) and huevos (eggs).