We took the kids to see “Horton y el mundo de los quien” this weekend.  If you or your kids want to see how our kids saw it, click here for the spanish trailer.  Now whenever we arrive somewhere, the girls chant “Estamos Aqui, Estamos Aqui” (We are here) just like the Whos.

You know the “this preview has been approved for all audiences” notice before a movie?  I’ve seen it probably my entire life, so I guess I’ve taken it for granted.  When you see a preview in a theatre, it’s generally cut down to make it appropriate for most audiences.  Also, when you take your kids to see a kiddie movie, you usually wind up seeing a bunch of trailers for other kiddie movies.  Makes sense, right? Advertise to your demographic and don’t offend anybody.

Apparently they don’t use that system here.  Imagine my surprise when we were sitting with the girls waiting for Horton to start. Up on the screen comes a trailer for some new Ashton Kutcher movie that has a bedroom scene, foul language, flipping the bird and a bunch of other stuff that had me desperately looking for distractions for the girls in a dark theatre.

On the plus side, when an ad says a movie starts at 5:35 – it starts at 5:35! So now I know I can try to avoid the trailers all together.