This country loves chocolate.  There is chocolate everywhere you turn.  Chocolate candies, chocolate pastries, even mole which is a common chocolate-based spicy sauce served on many entrees (yummy with chicken!).

The thing that makes me happiest is that at practically every check-out counter, I can grab a Kinder-Bueno.  Kinder-Buenos have been my favorite candy since I went to Italy to see my sister in the early 90s.  They are available all over Europe, but not in the US.  (I know, sad – I’ve spent the last 38 years supplied with EVERY kind of traditional and bizarre candy imaginable by my food-broker/candy-man dad, and my favorite is something not available in the US!) I have literally asked people to bring some back for me from their travels.  To have them readily available here in Mexico is a dream.

Or is it a nightmare?  What kind of twisted nation has chocolate available everywhere when the average temperature is 95 degrees? I went into a store for 10 minutes today, when I came out, the thermostat on my car said 116.  How is a girl supposed to enjoy her Kinder-Bueno in that kind of environment??? Even if I turned the AC up full blast immediately, it would already have melted into a shadow of it’s formerly perfect self. Plus, the chocolate cravings that exist in the climate-controlled environment of the store, quickly disappear once you walk out the door and smack into an indescribable wall of heat.

It’s cruel I tell you.  Cruel.