J had her school birthday today – I can’t believe she’s 5!  Her real b-day is next week, but school will be on Easter vacation, so her cake at school was today.  They told me to be there at 11:30am, but luckily I got there early.  Apparently they thought it was for H’s bday, and she eats lunch at 11:30, so when I walked in at 11am, J’s class was towards the end of lunch.  I say “lunch” loosely as lunch today was red jello.  Sometimes they have something filling like pasta or pizza, but other days – red jello.  At least I got extra calories into them – albeit unhealthy ones. 

The rule is that if you bring a cake at lunchtime, you must bring enough for all the kids eating in the cafeteria at that time -so I needed cake for 40 kids. I took J to COSTCO last week to pick out her cake (40 kids? I’m going to COSTCO!).  She looked at all the designs and chose the one she liked best – an ornate Christian cross.  I delicately asked her to pick out another one since it was a “church cake” and she doesn’t go to a “church school”.  She settled on roses – but then got to choose icing color, cake color, filling color, wording, etc.  It was quite a moment there with me, J, and the Mexican baker in Costco tripping through in our Spanglish and the ever changing mind of a soon to be five year old.

You’ll notice that J is not looking up in the first picture.  As her classmates serenaded her with “Feliz Cumpleanos” she was much more fixated on finishing her jello.

Hubby’s parents are coming tonight, so we’ll celebrate with them on her real birthday and then have a party at a playspace after vacation.  Tres fiestas?  Ella gusta Mexico.