When my brother (JK) was here during week 2 of our adventure, he and I went out to lunch at a traditional Mexican restaurant.  It took us a while to figure out exactly what we were ordering and to communicate our choices. The owner was very gracious and happy to have us.  JK asked me to look up the word “patience” in my little spanish/english dictionary that I carry in my purse.  As we were leaving, he said to the owner “Gracias por su paciencia.”

It’s a phrase that I didn’t know before that moment, but it is one I use several times a day now.   I am able to communicate to the lovely people here that my gratitude is not just for the service provided, but for hanging in there through my Spanglish to help me figure out exactly what I need for my groceries, visa, computer, washing machine, car, camera, prescriptions, etc.

Gracias hermano (Thanks brother).