Well, we lasted 37 days, but last night we had our first encounter with the medical system in Merida – and I have to say it was overall a very positive experience.  H has been complaining off and on for a week now about an ear ache.  She’ll been sniffling alot, and not complaining when she was distracted by something else, so I figured in was allergy congestion – Dimetapp seemed to do the trick.  Wednesday night she crawled into our bed craying about her ear and was up all night long – the pain was unbearable – motrin and tv would calm her down for a while, but then it would get bad again.

We got a doctor recommendation from a friend – for a great doctor who speaks English.  Turns out, when a Mexican friend says someone speaks English, you need to take that with a grain of salt – it just means they know more words in English than that person. Luckily, Justin was able to come with me because the doctors office hours are from 4:20pm to 10pm. Yes, you read that right – nightime doctor appointments – not ER visits – in a big shiny new clean hospital.  The hospital is actually attached to a mall – pure genius! When we pulled into the parking lot that said SEARS, I told H that was where we were going, because the EARS in SEARS means that they are specialists.  She was not very amused and quite sick at that point.

We saw Dr. Diaz who quickly pulled up a picture of Children’s Hospital Boston on his computer.  He spent some time there about 10 years ago.  We liked him very much and he will be a good fit for the kids, but I hope I don’t have any major emergencies until my Spanish gets better.

Turns out H has quite a rager of an ear infection in her right ear.  It’s swimmers ear.  I don’t think eaither of my girls have ever had an ear infection before, but I guess daily frolicking in the pool upped the chances.  I feel like quite a crappy mom for not taking her sooner.  We’ve actually been telling her lately how we were afraid something like this was going to happen.  H is our hypochondriac, so there are always multiple complaints about a range of cuts, scrapes, aches, bumps, etc throughout each day.  We’ve been talking about how it’s alot like crying wolf and we’re not going to notice the serious stuff unless a limb was missing.  We’ll thankfully no missing limbs – but the poor kid was in a lot of pain.

Next step – the meds.  The doctor went over the Rx written in Spanish with us several times to make sure we understood it. We had to go to two pharmacies to get the drops, two pain killers/inflamation reducers and the amocillin.  All was well until we opened the amoxicillin and discovered it was powdered – it had to be reconstitued with water.  Unfortunately the instructions were not existent.  Both of us interpreted what we needed to do differently, and neither wanted to chance giving Hannah the wrong dose, especially with a med that can make you vomit even with the right dose.  We spent a lot of time on the web getting close, but nothing we were sure about.  We finally made a call to San Diego to Hubby’s cousin Donna – we figured that that a Spanish teacher married to a pharmaceutical rep could get us where we needed to be. She did! Muchas Gracias Donna!

To say H has fought us quite a bit on the medicine is an understatement. Last night was practically a wrestling match, but she remembers none of it today (not even falling asleep with a lollipop in her mouth leaving the hospital).  I have wised-up and had some luck hiding it in yogurt today.

She’s in the shower right now with her ear plugged up with cotton, getting ready for the big school play tonight.  I’m so happy she’s okay – she would have been crushed to miss this play – it’s been the highlight of our trip so far for the girls. I’ll hopefully have pictures to post tomorrow.

Oh – the medical bill.  Nightime appointment, no history with the doctor, no insurance cards.  I shudder to think what it would have been in Boston.  Here it was $400 pesos, or $37.35 USD.