Hi guys – We are having so much fun.  Our school play is on Friday night.  I hope my mom can videotape it so we can send it. I have two lines in the play.  The first one is in the middle of the play, “I wonder what Dorothy will find on her way to Emerald City”. The second one is at the end of the play, “Last but not least, The Workshop presents, What A Wonderful World”.  In this play, Dorothy doesn’t wear ruby slippers, she wears red sparkly hightop sneakers!

From Mom – We’ll definitely post photos.  H is also in the chorus. There were 9 of them, but one got chicken pox, so we’re down to eight.  “El Mago de Oz” is entirely in English, so the girls had a pretty easy time joining in. They got their costumes yesterday – wait till you see them!