Well, hell has officially frozen over – no offense to our good friends freezing in New England, NY, NJ & MN!  There were two signs of the apocalypse in our casa today. 

The first – Hubby drinking Starbucks.  It’s a truly awful uncomfortable sight.  He might as well have had on a Red Sox cap too, because he seemed like such a traitor to his true identity.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s not enjoying it – but we have no Dunky here and the man has a serious caffeine addiction.

The second sign of the apocalype – I bought an exercise machine.  As many of you know, the last time I was in an gym was at least 14 years ago with Tracey.  She brought me to European Health Spa in West Newton, a place so hardcore that 70-something Sister Schumann from our high school worked out there.  The staff brought me around to each machine to show me what to do on it.  I remember lifting some sort of weights, and then next thing I know I’m on the floor surrounded by people with one splashing water on my face and others untying my shoelaces.  Sure, some people might have said, “Wow – I’m really out of shape, I should work out”.  But my smug little size zero bod, and my embarrased little brain said “I am never returning here again.”

Living in Brookline was pretty good for getting back in shape after 2 kids – pushing a stroller, walking everywhere, climbing stairs in the our new house – it was all pretty good.  Cut to 2008 in the Yucatan – the pastry is amazing, the weather is unbelieveably hot, and there are stray dogs ruling the streets.  Eating yummy pastry is easy, driving almost everywhere is necessary, and exercising outdoors isn’t much of an option.  On a hot day when the beach isn’t possible,  hiding out in the bedroom with the A/C and a book or TV is bliss. Trouble is there’s a lot of those days and I’m feeling like a lump waiting for the girls to come home from school.  It’s time to start exercising – especially if I’m going to spend half my life here in a bathing suit! I bought an elyptical and so far, I like it.  I’m also looking for a spanish class I can take while the girls are in school, otherwise I may hire a tutor.

Bye!  (Not sure if you’re still reading anyway. After I mentioned Hubby drinking Starbucks, you may have run out to Home Depot for duct tape to prepare for the end of the world).