Did you know that Hubby & I met at a Mexican restaurant? The Iguana Cantina.  He was a manager and I was a hostess (thanks to my friend Heidi who got me the 2nd job as I was drowning in college credit card debt).  They had this giant 8-10 foot long robotic iguana that hung from the ceiling and greeted every customer coming through the door with “Thank you for coming to my cantina”.  It was recorded in hubby’s voice with a mexican accent!  In my mind, that was as scary and as friendly as iguanas get.

But now I have met my new neighbors.  We have an empty lot behind our house that we are now calling the iguana playground.  They hang out there to play and sunbathe, they’re practically as common as squirrels back home. And I’m fine with that – from far away.  Yesterday, I went into our back hard to read a book and jumped as I discovered a 2 foot long one had infiltrated our fence and was only inches away from me.  He seemed as scared of me as I was of him and instantly escaped through a single spot in the chain link fence. I had no idea that tough looking armor can be so flexible.

I was too scared to grab my camera for our meeting yesterday, but I just spotted him hanging out on the far wall, so I took a few pictures of him for you… 

The Iguana playground – he’s there if you look closely enough…