I’ve finally rediscovered time to read novels again.  Life back home gets so hectic that while I have 3 or 4 books started at any one time, I fall into bed at the end of the day exhausted and it usually takes a cable outage or trip away to finish them.  So now I’m reading voraciously again and am happy – but something is still missing.

It’s become clear to me that I’ve had People magazine addiction for a long time now.  Would I subscribe? No. That would be admitting that I have a serious pop/celebrity culture addiction. Buy it? Rarely.  I’ve been able to justify it if I was sick or in an airport – but otherwise I don’t buy it. Depend on the kindness of others?  All the time.  I have never minded a long wait at a doctor’s office if I had a People magazine in hand (as long as it wasn’t one of those country music focused issues which I assume sell horribly in the Northeast). A friend went away for a while and had her mail forwarded to me – People every week – pure brain-candy bliss. I now skip the Paris & Britney stuff, but there’s still plenty of other fluff to give a brain a vacation for a little bit.

So it turns out that here in Merida I am having People magazine withdrawl.  It’s hard to find here.  Easier to find is US Weekly, but I feel like I need a shower after that it’s so trashy.  At least People has some uplifting human interest stories between the celeb gossip and fashion trends.

Before Hubby left for his trip, I asked him to please come back from the Houston airport with the current People, Newsweek & Vanity Fair. 

I’m thrilled to have my husband back, but imagine my disappointment when I saw the cover…

 If you visit – please bring me People, people.