DICTATED BY H:  Hi guys – we’re having so much fun.  They do the same thing here for Valentine’s Day that we do back in Boston. I hope you guys can come really soon so we can swim in the cenotes, go to the beach and swim in our pool. Our school is basically the same as ordinary schools back in Boston, but even though our school does plays here, the neat thing about it is that they let Kinder 1, Kinder 2 & Kinder 3, first grade and second grade be part of the play.  J is going to be a corn stalk and I am part of the chorus.  Happy Valentines Day.  Love, H

DICTATED BY J: Hi everyone.  I miss you.  I like school and my house and especially the pool.  We had quesadillas for breakfast at school and yogurt for lunch. My English teacher is Yaremi and my Spanish teacher is Ariana. I love the palm trees here, they are beautiful. I have English, Science, Gym, Math, Movement, Art & Social Studies at school.  We got lots of candy at school today.  Love, Julia

Here’s a picture of the girls today in their uniforms (you can click on these to make them bigger):

Girls in uniform

And their Valentine’s breakfast this morning (we’re supposed to give them a skimpy breakfast at home because they have a big one at school, then a small lunch)…

Valentine Breakfast

And here’s my clothesline because it’s really kind of valentine-y today…