The think I was most looking forward to about Mexico was no more socks.  Especially for J.  J is a freak about socks, they have to be EXACTLY right – right fit, right length, right color, right texture, right design.  She is the “Goldilocks of Socks”.  When H and I were in an accident in March 06, Hubby got the call when he was home with J.  He nearly lost his mind as he was rushing to get to the hospital and she was fighting him like crazy over what would go on her feet.  Somewhat common at 2 or 3, but now she’s almost 5. So yay – Mexico – no socks! But no – they have to wear socks everyday at school – and the craziness continues every morning.  They had crazy sock day last week at school.  But for us, every day is crazy sock day.

Every day is also crazy hair day.  For H, it’s crazy hair day because she refuses to brush it.  For J it is the opposite.  I fear she’s become one of those curly haired kids who doesn’t appreciate its beauty. She refuses to leave the house until it is exactly how she wants it.  Most mornings she comes into our room with wet hair to say good morning.  This means that she has woken up, gone into the bathroom and combed water through her hair to straighten it.  I couldn’t find her last week – when I finally did, she was crying in a bathroom mirror saying “will you please make my hair look beautiful?”  I’m doing the best I can to balance this – in the meantime I hope Disney is working on a curly-haired princess.

Princess Goldisocks

Girls are slowly becoming more comfortable with trying some Spanish. H has been very hungry at school, so we practiced “You quiero mas comida por favor” all weekend – she’s going to try it today.  J has been learning a song in English about corn since her class is playing the well-known role of corn in the Wizard of Oz.  When she gets to the line “Cook us, cook us, we will pop”, she sings “Kookles, Kookles, we will pop”.  She refuses to belive me that it is “Cook us” because everyone in her class including staff pronounces it “Kookles”.

The girls, Uncle JK & I spent yesterday on Progreso Beach and the day before swimming in the cenote at Dzilbilchaltun. By the way, Progresso is a 20 minute drive for us and lots of cruise ships stop there, so if you are cruising check and see if you will stop in Progreso.

Hubby will be home tonight – yay! He sounds exhausted from Paris – such a quick trip with lots to do, but he really enjoys getting to know the teachers.  He said he has spoken to many over the phone the last five years and was meeting some for the first time, so it was fun.  It’s always funy when he returns from a trip because we are BOTH like “Yay – I can relax now! Wait – what? No, I need to relax now.  Don’t you know how hard the last few days have been?” I guess I had that leg to stand on in February in Boston, but not February in Merida when I’ve been swimming everyday.

Miss you! Tell us what’s up with you!