Hi all – I thought I’d give blogging a try.  Not a daily event, but updates here and there for when you feel like checking in on us – rather than me inundating you with long updates that you may or may not be interested in.  You may see some from the girls too.

Things are going well.  Uncle JK is a great diversion for the girls while Hubby is away (they are also eating better for him than they do for me).  We had our first overcast day yesterday – and crazy thunder and lightning storms last night and they day before.  We had water coming in through under the front door.

I finally had a chance to get out and get the converter I needed to get my pictures online (I had a perfectly good one at home but lost it in the packing frenzy). Here are some pictures of the house for those that have asked.  I’ll post more pictures of us and the area soon!

Our gate:

Our front gate

Our door:

Our door

Our door opened:

Our door opened

The palm tree in our livingroom (and Gully at top of stairs):

Palm tree in livingroom

The fountain in our livingroom:


The yard/pool area:


Our room:

Master bedroom

Girls’ room:

Girls’ room

You’ll have to visit to see the guest room! Ok, it doesn’t look so great right now.  Uncle JK is sleeping on an air mattress until Sears delivers your new bed.  You’d be proud at my spanish & charades skills used to get through a delivery snafu while Hubby is in France.


Fun last month sledding in Brookline…

sledding in Brookline

Fun this month skating in Mexico?

Ice skating in Mexico

Now this is more of what I expected…

Progresso Beach

Miss you!